Who’s plan is it really? 

Sometimes we stand in our own way. Today I choose to sit still and listen for his way God’s way. There are some new beginnings happening in my life and honestly I’m scared as life. However, I am finally focusing my positive energy where it needs to be and that is in me. I am a true advocate im the campaign of believing in yourself &  loving yourself because if you don’t or if I don’t push myself who will?


When life gives you lemon make lemonade.

Easter Sunday.

 When I first woke up I just planned on hanging out with a family for a few hours. I usually go to church but I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to change into my Sunday’s best outfit. So I got dressed in some kick around clothes since I’ll just be hanging around the neighborhood cookout. That is until my mother text me “come to church.” Of course, I’m thinking I don’t have anything to wear to church and I don’t want to change.

Now, I arrived at Trinity AND Zion church and for 20- 30 minutes  I sat in the parkinglot and fought with my wardrobe.

So frustrating I tried to apply my strip of lashes to my eyes which normally takes me 5 minutes to do on a regular and I wear individuals lashes.

To top that off it’s time to change out of my comfortable nike flip flops and put on my Jessica Simpson black Patten leather size 11 pumps. Mind you I wear a size 91/2 a 10 for comfort. I chose to buy a pair of pumps that were extra roomy but…. somehow this left foot of mines doesn’t want to cooperate with me. Ugh so still in the parking lot.  I sent my mom a text saying “momma me and my wardrobe are fighting and I lost the war.”

Then I thought….wait I know I have more shoes in my closet (trunk of my car) but are they church worthy? Again those Nike flip flops on the floor are looking mighty comfortable. But I found some wedges that may not match yet it feels like the lord is saying “go on my child there’s a message for you in that building.” So I’m here and here to listen to the word and as soon as I get back to my car I’ll replace those non matching wedges with some open toe Nike flip flops I mean after all it is finally Spring time. 

Don’t judge me I made it in the church

Mommy & me

Finally Spring has arrived! 

It’s Showtime
Pretty in Plus-size
Beautiful smile.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post or since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve written many that haven’t been released yet.

I started a new job and even though the money is good I am miserable there is no freedom like freelance freedom! I haven’t been able to write a full blog post or take any new photos for my blog.

 I did know that I was ready to update and upgrade my next photo session. Spring is in session and I am happy that I got to take my new photos in my dress from Charlotte Russe Plus @charlotterusseplus) located in Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh Pa. You can imagine that we do not see many Plus size shops in the area but its 2017 and times are changing!  

I was extremely happy to be able to shoot these photos in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square area. I’d always wanted to capture a photo of the PPG buildings which are designed with black glass and silver trim throughout the entire building.

Photocred: http://www.instagram.com/megannn__lynnn/

Fun facts: 

PPG Place:  is a complex in downtown PittsburghPennsylvania, consisting of six buildings within three city blocks and five and a half acres. Named for its anchor tenant, PPG Industries, who initiated the project for its headquarters, the buildings are all of matching glass design consisting of 19,750 pieces of glass.

Construction: The buildings are recognized by their 231 glass spires, with the largest one 82 feet (25 m) tall. Also notable are the surfaces of reflective insulating glass that served to advertise the project’s founder. The buildings contain over one million square feet of PPG’s Solar ban 550 Window – 19,750 pieces. The primary building, One PPG Place, is a 40-story tower, with PPG Industries occupying half of the space. 

The design of the building not only made it distinct, but created high energy-efficiency. Heat in the summer is reflected away from the building by the glass, while in winter infrared heat is reflected and contained within the building.

#TEAMHEALTHYLIVING (losing weight is a lifestyle.)


This losing weight challenge, is the biggest weight I have on my shoulders now. I literally went to three different places and spoke with three different people about my weight. Get this I don’t know if I have the issue with the weight or the fact that these people seem to have some type of issue with my weight.  I don’t know rather to be offended or inspired with the situation I do know I am tired of the situation both with being overweight and the fact that I’m over others concerning their selves with my weight.

I have always been “big boned” as they say or the most vulgar word that offends most is “FAT” it’s like the most gaud awful word overweight women and some men are terribly offended by It.”  My mom taught me at a young age “that people will call you names but they can’t say you’re ugly, funky, or dirty” fortunately for me my confidence was built from in the home.

After finding the motivation and inspiration to begin a path on my “Team Healthy Living” path I soared through the process. I worked myself up mentally and physically to getting used to working out. I realized this process wasn’t going to be a quick and easy process but a slow and steady process.

fat-blog-3I had began traveling around the time I wanted to work on my bettering my body so, a group of friends would get together and walk laps around greenway track and field. Every day at 6pm we would meet at the track for the longest time I would only do two laps. I graduated to a mile within time also within time my friends slowly began to not work out as much I wanted to give up and couldn’t. I noticed a mental change as well as others noticing the physical changes my body was making due to just walking laps daily.

I began to feel free the day to day struggles weren’t as big to me anymore I was finally feeling free. I began to adapt to the #TEAMHEALTHYLIVING,  I went from never eating a salad in my life to healthier  eating habits with just salads, sautéed chicken wrap, baked chicken, and vegetables. I can tell you the only veggies I eat is corn, greens, and mixed veggies (minus the carrots). I felt better when living healthy, I looked better, I ate better, more importantly I felt better.

Fast forward: its 2017 and the 100 pounds I did lose over a period of 1 year have attached their selves back on to my body again. Here we are in this blog post I don’t know rather to be offended or inspired by the people’s notion to get me to lose to weight.  If I can be honest now that I know the freedom of less lower back pain, low stress levels and the fact that when I sit down my stomach doesn’t smack my thighs as I’m doing it..  I simply do not want the hassle of being overly obese to return.

I say to myself I am going to get back to the “team healthy living” challenge I mean I went to get my nails done now Lou says to me every time to get rid of this weight but yesterday Lynn describe to me the changes she’s observed when I walk in. she opened her legs in a wide stance poked her stomach out and leaned back she told me how I look and I sound like it’s hard to breathe and as much as I want to be offended I can’t be. I noticed how gained back weight that I never wanted to return ever again.  Then the same day my best friend tells me his and my butt look alike now I don’t know which is worse that his butt looks like mines or mines look like his, either way I am not standing for it anymore. I think that my defense mechanism is “I’ve always been a big fine woman” and now that I am writing this letter of admittance to myself, I can honestly say I have a problem with carrying so much weight  and want it gone.fat-blog-6

So, to start today I am going to try my first 10-day smoothie challenge filled with mixed greens and fruit to be exact I tried red apples, green apples, frozen mixed berries and mango and a fresh lemon for extra taste. In addition, I started to drink more water and less Canada dry ginger ale as well as cutting back the excessive snacking. Getting a 30-minute workout on my exercise bike to release some stress from the work day and it felt great!

I need to mentally get on board with my challenge I need to be more head strong to get this weight off my back. Another option that works well is getting a colon cleanse I recommend 3 a month to start off each one at $60.00 can be expensive but, worth it.  Meal planning works well during the #teamhealthyliving journey.

I am looking for more inspiration and motivation please comment and share!faat-blog-2


ReFined Culture Now Accepting Open Enrollment For Children


Jaylee and Diane Lemon of ReFine Culture with CitySTYLE's De'Saundra Jaylee and Diane Lemon of ReFine Culture with CitySTYLE’s De’Saundra

ReFined Culture is having open enrollment for all children from ages 5yrs & up! At the Pittsburgh Center for Arts.  Click HEREFor More Information

If you think your little has what it takes to become a model/actor. Please email Jaylee Lemon @ jayleelemon@gmail.com.


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Goodbye 2016 hello 2017


I don’t know what new adventures there are to look forward to in the year 2017 but, I know I am getting rid of all the disappointment and stress that I can. I don’t care where the negativity and stress lies at in my life I call it “Tis the year to be happy.” I was talking to an older yet much wiser woman earlier spring 2016 she told me something that stuck with me after we introduced ourselves and talked for over two hours she told me “you have a sense of pride in you that people mistake for an arrogance but, it is ok to have that sense of pride.” At that point I wanted to hear any kind wisdom this lady could have offered me but, night had fallen and I had to go.

I learned a valuable lesson in 2016 when I found out I am the only person who holds the key to my “Happiness.” I found myself trying to look for happiness in various people and was let down with disappointment every time. Until finally I figured out I own my freedom and my happiness.

I learned that no one wants to see you succeed more than them so, I had to quit putting folks in front of myself. The journey began where I would learn to make myself happy finally, I signed up for my bachelor’s degree in Business Studies with a minor in Organizational Leadership.  Now my new goal is to finish this online course by not giving up every time I get a bad grade and lose motivation no matter what.

Each year is a stepping stone to living a better life than you came from or celebrating the milestones that you completed.  I lost motivation for a lot of things a while back but, in 2017 I am destined to gain a sense of stability. Honestly, taking big steps and risks in life scare the hell out of me it’s the thought of entering a world of unknown that scares me. I read a quote somewhere that said if “your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. Every day I wake up I think of the goals that could get me one step closer to my dreams.

There were some great projects I started in 2016 that have been good to me. Beginning the year off in 2016 I knew that I wanted to help spread the word “BEING BIG IS BEAUTIFUL TOO” so, I started out with Plus Modeling. I began to look for some fashion shows that I can partake in around Pittsburgh. The search proved to be limited but, finally someone on Facebook found a group putting on a fashion show for the cause of Cancer and tagged me in it. I enjoyed it we put together our looks and hit the runway! I enjoyed seeing such a positive response I wanted to do more modeling, styling, and strutting my stuff. I began researched the Plus Fashion industry and the more I became searched the more frustrating it became of the lack of plus size fashion there is around Pittsburgh PA.

I recreated my social media as a plus size blogger to gain followers and the light clicked on by becoming a service. I began blogging and consulting for small business owners on the importance of using social media. Once I began to consult for others on social media and blogging the word began to spread for me and business began to grow only on word of mouth.

Ending 2016 as an upcoming Plus-Size Fashion Blogger has been good to me I have made connections with some awesome Entrepreneurs and business owners. 

This year 2017 I am looking forward to building my team and meeting new entrepreneurs and business owners to reach out to and spread the word around Pittsburgh. Finding more Plussize designers and retailers to work with is priortity. Starting my t-shirt line and many more adventures.

Thank you to everyone who has made my blogging and consulting journey such success so far! I look forward to what 2017 must offer and the continue rise of art and creativity in the Pittsburgh area.


Special thanks to my first videographer/photographer of the year https://www.instagram.com/lemar_french/

My friend/photographer @sea.era.creatives



Timia’s Fashion Boutique & Hair Salon https://www.instagram.com/timiasfashion_hairsalon/

Jamyce Patterson of @ Pgh_style_and_glam productions


My first client for social media branding: Diane Daniels https://www.instagram.com/didwriter/Didassociates.


Style, Fashion & Beauty Trends For 2017!


It’s 2017!  The year of STYLE!  To kick things off, CitySTYLE has compiled our list of what to watch for 2017; the best in beauty, style and fashion for the new year!


Designer Phone Cases – The phone case is the new “it bag”.  We’re seeing high end designers like Louis Vuitton and GUCCI on this trend

80’s Inspired Fashion – 2016 was all about the 1990’s.  2017 is all about shoulder pads and power suits! 

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Black is Beautiful. “BLACKOUT”

I been looking for local designers to shop with  for my blog around Pittsburgh before I start to shop with the likes of Eloquii or Boutiqe115. I was scrolling through my Facebook page when I noticed this really cute outfit it was a pink fury purse matched with a pink bomber jacket black leggings, a cut up tee and fury boots. What caught my eye more than the purse I’m going to order in lavender of course was the caption underneath the picture “I made everything myself.”  I instantly  reached out to Marqualla to place my order for a crop top ILoveBigGirlsWhoRock t-shirt. A day later my shirt was finished and ready to rock! 

The price for my tee was definitely in my budget I only paid $40.00. And as much as I wanted to save her the trouble of driving it to me, she offered to deliver it to me personally.

Time to schedule a blog photoshoot before I wear this shirt and take a million selfies. I was inspired by Tumblr to match up my new shirt with a pair of black leggings, red lips, and red heels. 

My All black everything vision was  due to the trending hashtag on #Tumblr #Blackout. I didn’t really understand what #Blackout meant but, I do know that I finally see real black people that I can now follow to build a better network. I found an article on http://www.TheGloss.com written by Ashlee Reed on March 6, 2015.

Here I was just thinking that it’s time to just post selfies of myself and analyze my activity on Tumblr. #BlackoutDay was created on the date of Mach 6, 2015 to give Black folk a 24-hour period to post about Black life, love, and family.

I was glad to find out that there is more meaning to it than just posting #selfies. But more about being proud of Black and having a platform to post Black GIFs, selfies, videos, and more. It was interesting to read the statistics of BlackoutDay  in the highest order was Black women, black men, black queer couples, fat black girls, and disabled black hotties.(Ashlee Reed; March 6, 2015)

“As a black woman, it’s amazing to get reassurance that the world doesn’t usually  grant us: Black is beautiful, and if you don’t believe it take a look at this selfie.” .(Ashlee Reed; March 6, 2015)














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“Sassy Diva” Designs by Smoye

@CityStyle412 Holiday Fashion Mixer Cocktail Attire was amazing I really enjoyed myself d I was glad I decided to go. Citystyle412 Fashion Mixer recognized local rap artists, models, designers, and more local artist in or around the Pittsburgh area for the accomplishing their dreams and goals. The event was held at the V-lounge in the Strip District of Pittsburgh it was the perfect  location for the occasion.

This event was crowded but, not too packed we had just enough space to move about through the crowd. I was impressed with how beautiful the people were and well-dressed casual yet dressy a lot of cocktail dresses for a cocktail event of course. On the other hand, others were dressed in slacks or jeans with a dressy top or blazer the heels were looking fierce of course.


20161117_204450[1].jpgWalking through the crowd doing some mingling and learning about local businesses and art crafts. I noticed this beautiful piece of colorful art on the wall. I’m not even sure what drew my attention to this piece of art hanging on the wall. the painting sat on the wall high  behind this  guy at the vendor booth. His station happened to be directly in the front of the photo. To take this photo of the art on the wall  I would have to capture this guy  also in the photo. I figured it would be a nice picture if I would catch him with his head down paying absolutely no attention to no one just texting in his phone I figured I could Instagram caption the photo “Is social media consider art?”

As soon as I went to take the photo of the art he looked directly up at the camera with a lovely smile and bright eyes. He absolutely made my day by not only creating a picture but a moment that I couldn’t forget. How could I forget? Every time I see this photo or read this post heck even visit the V-lounge again I’ll remember that moment. This guy helped me create an even better photo that even I couldn’t have pictured. I knew it was only right since his personally was so great to learn more about who he is and the business he owns. I then learned he and his wife own a jewelry company made with rocks. We discussed a possible blog interview soon. To find out more about Hanover Designs follow the Facebook link here https://www.facebook.com/hanoverdesigns


For my Cocktail Attire, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible but never underdressed. I was looking for an outfit I could rock sexy with a nice pair of flats. Of course, I had to go shopping because there wasn’t anything in my closet I could wear. I went shopping at Ross Park mall, one of the malls that has a variety of plus-size stores. I chose to  shop at CharlotteRusse they had a sale going on.

I already knew what skirt I wanted it’s a grey tutu size 3x there was only one left I had seen it the week before hanging up on the clearance rack. I purchased that tutu skirt to accompany my Sassy Diva t-shirt and some black boots with a thick heel on them. the sales rep pointed out and a pair of everyday Carmel colored flats to wear since after all it is winter now. I received myself a free full face beat by Jessica Parker @JESSISMINIME and I was ready to go!

face beat by Jessica Parker of Morgan WV,






Fashion Designer: Stephanie Moye



Smoye Fashion  Located at 11125 ½ Franktown road Pittsburgh pa, 15235.

    • The concept of beauty is limited however, it is changing and breaking chains for the plus-size community.
    • Here’s a fact: over 65% Americans are overweight. With age comes wisdom and weight!

Fashion Designer Stephanie Moye

“No One Can Control My Destiny”

Smoye fashion

Interviewed by: Charmaine Turner

Q: If you could describe who Stephanie Moye is in 3 words?

A: go getter, Passionate about  fashion, & resilient;

Q: Describe a typical day in Smoye hair and fashion?

A: I spend my time sewing. Or shipping and handling for my fashion line. In between hair appointments and running multiple businesses my day is hectic yet rewarding.

Q: What motivates you daily?

A: No one can control my destiny.

  1. I am my own boss.
  2. I enjoy coming to work everyday.
  3. Doing what I love.
  4. Branding my own business.
  5. Creating my own fashion line.

Q: As a designer, do you also cater to the plus size industry?

A: My fashion designs are custom to average sizes but not limited. Also, I have a bling wear tee-shirt line that caters to women sizes small-3xl

Q: I like to shop cute not costly so how much is a design created by Smoye Fashion?

A: I specialize in custom evening wear, gowns, and designs in pants and jackets. Bling wear tee-shirt line starts at anywhere from $30-$50. custom tee-shirt  designs start at $40.

Q: What can we look out for in the next year for Smoye fashion line?

A: Without sharing the secrets there will be future fashion shows coming soon to keep updated on the next show or new custom tee-shirt design follow Stephanie Moye of Smoye fashion on social media.

Smoye fashion is located 11125 ½ Franktown road Pittsburgh pa, 15235.

Business hours: t-w 10am-6pm

Th-f 10am-6pm

Sat 9am-4pm

Phone number 412-243-5600

Email: moyehairetc@yahoo.com






                                                 FASHION DESIGNER: Stephanie Moye




BLOGGER: Charmaine Turner



PHOTOGRAPHER:  Sierra Thompson