Clutter Closests

Looking in my closet has me thinking… I need a new everything! Oh by the way Hello Monday, July 31, 2017 Its Monday and no I did not set my clothes out the night before as I should have knowing that being prepared for the morning makes a huge difference on how well your day [...]


I would hope other people seeking a lifestyle change or those who are fighting to stay on task with clean eating and exercise who need support then go to your social sites and type in the search bar #teamhealthyliving. So far it’s for the future and writing about this change also holds me a bit [...]


You know what I hate feeling uncomfortable (unwanted) in a pair of Blue Jeans. I will wait until I have nothing else to wear before I put on pair jeans to wear for work or any day. Pet peeve the freaking zipper always rolling down it drives me up a wall to have to deal [...]

Who’s plan is it really? 

Sometimes we stand in our own way. Today I choose to sit still and listen for his way God's way. There are some new beginnings happening in my life and honestly I'm scared as life. However, I am finally focusing my positive energy where it needs to be and that is in me. I am [...]

Finally Spring has arrived! 

It's been a while since I've written a blog post or since I've posted a blog. I've written many that haven't been released yet. ​I started a new job and even though the money is good I am miserable there is no freedom like freelance freedom! I haven’t been able to write a full blog [...]

ReFined Culture Now Accepting Open Enrollment For Children


Jaylee and Diane Lemon of ReFine Culture with CitySTYLE's De'Saundra Jaylee and Diane Lemon of ReFine Culture with CitySTYLE’s De’Saundra

ReFined Culture is having open enrollment for all children from ages 5yrs & up! At the Pittsburgh Center for Arts.  Click HEREFor More Information

If you think your little has what it takes to become a model/actor. Please email Jaylee Lemon @


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Style, Fashion & Beauty Trends For 2017!


It’s 2017!  The year of STYLE!  To kick things off, CitySTYLE has compiled our list of what to watch for 2017; the best in beauty, style and fashion for the new year!


Designer Phone Cases – The phone case is the new “it bag”.  We’re seeing high end designers like Louis Vuitton and GUCCI on this trend

80’s Inspired Fashion – 2016 was all about the 1990’s.  2017 is all about shoulder pads and power suits! 

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